Eternal Hills victims seek answers and hope to have property returned

As we reported earlier, the Sheriff’s Office is seeking public help and investigating a vandalism and theft of items that belonged to loved ones at Eternal Hills Cemetary.

The above photos were just submitted by Kyla Belcher who visited Eternal Hills Cemetery today to check the damage that was done. Kyla also told Klamath Alerts that she is willing to help organize a community “repair party” if there are enough people interested. It would be a group of volunteers to try and cleanup and possibly repair some of the damage.

Kyla also shared this video with us:

An additional victim recently contacted Klamath Alerts and said that her aunt and grandmother’s cases were broken into. Her aunt’s ashes were stolen, along with photos and a gold bracelet with the name Della engraved on it.


If anyone is interested in a work/repair party and to help out, you are welcome to contact Kyla at

Anyone with information about this incident, please contact the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office.

By Klamath Alerts 



  • Thank you Kyla for posting this video. My father-in-law is out there and after seeing your video we could see that his nitch was not damaged. He is in the main section just inside the main door. We live in Eastern Oregon and I was gonna contact the sheriff on Tuesday when the main office opened and now we don’t have too. Thank you Kyla and I’m so sorry for the victims families.

  • Carla (Bjorson) Moulton

    I feel so helpless as we live in Tennessee. Both my parents are burried there. My dad in 1976 and mom in 1993. It was so lovely there then!

  • I wish we had known about this sooner. We saw the article in hearld and news and went out there. We found that my fiance parents niche was one that was desicrated. We walked in an the only thing in the niche was their wedding photo. There is no way to describe the feeling of losing you loved one again!!! Fortunately we able to find their urn near the door and brought them home. Everything else including a scarf that his dad had brought home for his mom from Korea where he was in the war, a watch, 2 cashier tickets from the casino and a number of other personal items are gone. To the individeal or individuals that did this HOW DARE YOU!!! May karma hunt you down like that scum you are… so angry and so hurt!!!! We are waiting for the sheriff to call us back now.

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