The Oregon State Police appreciates the prompt and thorough investigation by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and the subsequent review by the District Attorney’s Office.

Pursuant to OSP practices, we will immediately begin the due process procedure to modify Captain Fugate’s duty status to unpaid administrative leave- now that a charging instrument has been issued.

The agency will manage a concurrent personnel investigation into Captain Fugate’s employment status, so not to interfere with the criminal investigation.  Any inquiries into the status of the criminal investigation should be referred to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

Statement from Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton

“While Captain Fugate is entitled to due process, the Oregon State Police strongly condemns acts of domestic violence, which is especially alarming and disgraceful when involving a police officer. Conduct of this nature is grossly unacceptable and employees that engage in these actions have no place in law enforcement.”

Via press release from OSP.