The Klamathon Fire, which is currently burning in Siskiyou and Jackson counties, has created some concern for Klamath County and a few residents near the border of Siskiyou, Jackson, and Klamath County. The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office (Emergency Management) has been monitoring the fire and its potential effect on Klamath County. As of today’s date, a small portion of Klamath County falls under a Level I evacuation table as portrayed by a recent fire map. There are five residential homes in this area and efforts to notify these individuals are underway. Additionally, a KCSO Forest Patrol deputy has been assigned to evaluate this area throughout the next few days.

As a reminder, Oregon’s evacuation levels are Level I (be ready), Level II (get set), and Level III, (Go!)  If you have pets or livestock or special needs, consider leaving during Level II. Klamath County has the ability to alert you about emergencies and evacuations. You can sign up for this service by going to www.klamathcounty.org and scrolling to the bottom of any page, then click the “CIVICREADY” button and sign up for an account. Be sure to enter your address in your account; this allows officials to alert you of emergencies and evacuations in your neighborhood. Get the latest on wild fires in our region by visiting the south central Oregon fire management partnership webpage: https://scofmp.org/

Due to Siskiyou and Jackson counties being inundated with evacuations and other public safety needs, Klamath County Search and Rescue is ready in case additional help is needed in our neighboring counties.

For information related to recreation on public ground in the potentially affected area, please contact the appropriate agency for the activity you are interested in participating in. i.e. BLM or USFS.

by Klamath Alerts