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Beatty Wildfire Update


Wildfire Update; #BeattyStationFire Crews from ODF, USFS, BLM, & USF&W among others responded to the Beatty Station fire on non-protected land this afternoon just west of Beatty, OR. With the assistance of aviation resources, crews have so far been able to get a handle on the 40+ acre wind driven fire that affected HWY 140, and threatened structures.

Beatty Station Fire Update


🔥WILDFIRE🔥 #BeattyStationFire reported 1-2 miles West of Beatty, OR. on state protected land. The fire is approximately 30 acres, burning on both sides of Highway 140, structures threatened. Air Attack, 2 Single Engine Air Tankers, 1 Type Two Helicopter, 7 Engines, a Dozer, 2 – 10 person squads on scene. Additional resources ordered.

Breaking: Wildfire reported out of control in Beatty area. Over 1,300 locations without power

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 12.52.57 PM.png

Klamath Alerts has received multiple messages regarding an out of control wildfire in the Beatty, Oregon area. Pacific power is reporting over 1,300 locations now without power in that area.

The initial report we have is that the fire is along HWY 140 East near Beatty. Multiple fire crews are on scene or enroute. Oregon State Police, Klamath County Sheriff and ODOT are also responding.

The winds are forecast to increase in the next few hours, and with the dry conditions this fire has extreme potential to spread rapidly.

HWY 140 East is now reported closed at mile post 39.

We will post updates as they become available.

M7.5 earthquake generates 10 foot tsunami at Palu Indonesia. (Video of tsunami)


There was a powerful M7.5 earthquake in the Indonesia region early this morning. We are testing some new software that automatically posts earthquake alerts to our Facebook feed and some of you may have seen it as it happened.

The earthquake produced a 6 to 10 foot tsunami and reports and video are starting to come out of that region.

The following video shows the wave washing over the Palu region. To read the full story please visit the BBC here. 

Weather Outlook: Thunderstorms and Rain (maybe) Saturday

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 6.45.02 PM.png

This weather outlook is for Saturday September 29th, 2018. 

Summary: Possible rain and thunderstorms Saturday

The latest forecast models are showing a low pressure system entering the region Saturday. The atmosphere will become unstable during the day and thunderstorms are possible (most likely late Saturday afternoon for our area). Rain showers should move into our area mostly after 11pm Saturday.

Rain and thunderstorm activity looks to be concentrated mostly north and south of the Klamath Basin, but there is a chance some isolated thunderstorms could form and move from the south into the local area.

For our area roughly .10 inch or less of rain is expected. It’s not much but we’ll take it. If we do get some of those isolated thunderstorms we may get additional rain.

If we get the amounts of rain the current forecast suggests, it will likely be the most rain in our region since June.

Here’s to hoping our fires will get a little wetting rain around them.

Klamath Alerts 

Klamath County public works reporting Anderson Way now open for traffic


Anderson Way is now open to traffic but there will be followup construction in the coming days in the area. Flaggers could be working in the area so please keep an eye out for them in the area. The road was closed because of damage from an earlier train derailment.


Anderson Way from Altamont Drive to Avalon Street is now open to traffic. Klamath County will be making repairs to guardrails, signs, pavement and ditches in the upcoming weeks. The motoring public is encouraged to use caution when in the area and watch for flaggers for lane or shoulder closures.

Sheriff’s Office to Establish Sub Station at Klamath Community College


KLAMATH FALLS – Klamath Community College and Klamath County Sheriff’s Office announced at a KCC board of education meeting Tuesday that the two organizations are moving forward with plans to open a sheriff substation at the KCC campus.

“As a board we appreciate the work of KCC’s president and staff, as well as the sheriff and his staff, to work so effectively in providing much-needed safety for our students, staff, and community,” said board member Al King, who acted as chairperson at meeting.

The initiative is in response to the need for improved campus safety, according to KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez.

“The presence of a trained law enforcement officer on our campus will be an effective way to deter crime and will provide a faster emergency response, should anything ever happen,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “This new partnership is an efficient use of taxpayer money and will be a model for how two state agencies can foster a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Gutierrez said he hopes the patrol sergeant who will manage the substation can be hired before the end of the year. In addition to overseeing the KCC substation, the patrol sergeant may also supervise school resource officers employed by the sheriff’s office, which contracts with the Klamath County School District.

Plans for the substation are organized in three phases. The first phase involves establishing the substation and the positions that will manage it. The second phase extends the law enforcement presence at KCC to evenings, by replacing the college’s evening security liaisons with sheriff reserve deputies.

According to Lt. Randy Swan, who spoke at the meeting, reserve deputies will be required to undergo the same extensive evaluations required of law enforcement officers, including a physical exam, psychological exam, and background investigation.

“The hiring process is the exact same for a full-time deputy,” Swan said.

Finally, in the third phase KCC and the sheriff’s office will work together to establish an on-campus training program for reserve deputies.

“If we can train people here and have a larger pool to draw from, that benefits the entire community,” said Sheriff Chris Kaber. “It’s a win for the college. It’s a win for the county, and it’s a win for the sheriff’s office.”

Facebook announces new security breach up to 50 million accounts

twitter-292994_640 (1).jpg

Today Facebook has announced that a security loophole in some of it’s code allowed hackers to take over or scoop data from “50 million accounts”.  The best course of action now is to logout of your Facebook account and log back in. It is also a good idea to change your password after a breach like this.

More details are now available from Facebook here 

Read additional information here at The New York Times


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