Lakeview Flood Update  

LAKEVIEW, Ore. – Even though waters have begun to recede, there are still road closures in effect, active pumping operations and cleanup activities in the Lakeview area following a flood event which peaked early this morning.

There is a road closure on Roberta Avenue between Oregon State Highway 140 and South 3rd Street.  Bullard Canyon is also closed.  Road closures in the area are posted.  Some roads are also blocked with sandbags.

Throughout Lakeview there are multiple hazards on the roads as a result of flooding last night.  Boulders have washed down Bullard Canyon onto Center Street into Lakeview to at least F Street and U.S. Highway 395.  There are also areas where flood debris and materials removed from culverts are still in roadways.

Today area resources will be working on cleanup, restoring culverts, and continuing water pumping.  There are three volume pumps and three engines working on the incident.  The Town of Lakeview and Lake County will continue to be assisted by state and federal resources today.

Emergency management officials appreciate the public’s continued cooperation in staying off area roadways as cleanup and water pumping efforts continue today.  The public is asked if they are not part of emergency response to stay home for both public and emergency personnel safety.

The National Weather Service in Medford extended the Flood Warning for small streams in south central Lake County and south central Oregon until 12:15 p.m. today.

In Bullard Canyon, east of Lakeview, by 5 a.m. the water had receded about 3 feet.  In other areas, water was beginning to recede back into normal channels.  Emergency response officials note that a lot of this was accomplished due to clearing overgrown ditches to improve drainage and pumping operations.

“Without everyone’s help last night we would not be in the position we are in this morning.  The volunteer help is absolutely critical to what we accomplished,” said Scott Havel, Division Supervisor on the incident and a Bureau of Land Management Lakeview District firefighter.

“The homeowners on S and T Streets were a huge help last night out in the rain with flashlights showing us what was going on,” Havel said.

Bullard Canyon Dam is still holding and area officials continue to monitor the dam today.

There are not any evacuation orders in place.  All Lake County School District 7 schools are closed today.

The Town Shop has piles of sand, bags and some filled sandbags at their location on the 200 block of North N Street.  Firefighters and other personnel are working to fill sandbags for the town and area residents.

Currently the Town of Lakeview and Lakeview Fire Department, Lake County and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Thomas Creek-Westside Rural Fire Protection District, Oregon State Police, the South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership, Lake Health District Hospital, Lake County School District 7, Oregon Department of Transportation, Warner Creek Correctional Facility and Oregon Department of Forestry are working together on this emergency situation.