Klamath Alerts Construction Updates

Klamath Falls City Updates:

July 19, 2019 Oregon Department of Forestry crews are continuing trimming brush and trees on each side of the Eulalona Trail. Their work will continue tomorrow, July 20th with use of chainsaws, brush clippers and other maintenance equipment.

Trail users are encouraged to discontinue use of the trail tomorrow to allow the crews to complete their trail maintenance. It is anticipated trail use can be resumed on Sunday, July 21st .

• The City of Klamath Falls construction project on the west side of Washburn Way between Orchard Avenue and Pershing Way began this week. Improvements include installing missing sidewalk, new curbing and travel lane reconfigurations. Rocky Mountain Construction will continue construction until project completion. The southbound lane on Washburn Way and pedestrian traffic between Orchard Avenue and Vine Street will remain closed during construction until approximately August 2, 2019.

Traffic is being routed through the center lane. The City will be updating the public weekly through press releases. For more information, please call City Development Services at (541) 883-5291.

• Due to construction within the private road system on the west side of the Onyx/Washburn intersection, right and left turns at this intersection will be eliminated from July 21 through July 26, 2019 day and night.

Klamath County Updates:

Klamath County will have work crews at the following locations. Please use caution when in these areas and watch for flaggers. If you are able to avoid the work zones, please use an alternate route for your safety and the safety of Klamath County employees. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 7.39.53 PM.png


See the following link for a map of roads to be chip sealed for the 2019 season, or log onto the Klamath County Public Works website at http://www.klamath  c  ounty.org/734/Maps. Weekly updates will be published of the specific roads being worked on.

In general, flagging stations will be set up at the end of the work zone and delays will be 0 to 20 minutes for the motoring public. Other work is occurring through the County but we are only listing the major items in this announcement.

There may be adjustments of work schedules due to weather or other items outside of the County’s control (breakdown of equipment, material/resource availability, etc.)  Please do not contact the County if you do not see work occurring, it could be finished already or will be rescheduled.  

Please drive slow through Chip Seal and Paint Stripe areas. This will reduce damage to the Chip Sealed and Painted areas. It will also reduce the probability of oil or paint getting on your vehicle.

Klamath County Public Works and the Board of County Commissioners appreciate the motoring publics’ patience during the repair season for our local roads and bridges. If you have any questions regarding work, please contact the Public Works Department at (541) 883-4696.