The Klamath Alerts Coronavirus page has updated links to local Klamath County and national tracking information sources. You can find the page located in Resources at the top navigation of our website.

Some New Developments:

  • Oregon has announced the first presumed case in Washington County this evening. The case is considered “Community Spread” meaning the infected person did not travel to known high risk locations and was not in contact with high risk persons.
  • A confirmed case was reported February 20th in the Eureka, CA area. The case is in Humboldt County.
  • Oregon Freeze Dry, the makers of Mountain House freeze dried food have reported delayed shipments and the inability to take phone calls due to high demand.
  • A large emergency food supplier “My Patriot Supply” has announced shipping backlogs of freeze dried food. They report demand at 100x normal and up to 8 weeks shipping delays.
  • Price gouging is occurring on Amazon for particulate respirator masks and other emergency supplies

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