September 2, 2020, KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Anna Sheadel, senior in Civil Engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology, “Oregon Tech,” has been selected as recipient of the APWA-Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon Scholarship from the Oregon American Public Works Association (APWA) Scholastic Foundation, a scholarship valued at $2,500. The scholarship is awarded with the exclusive purpose of supporting students who recognize the importance of transportation infrastructure and spread the word to other civil engineering students.

A Klamath Falls native, Anna Sheadel is finishing her bachelors in Civil Engineering and will graduate in 2021. She has worked with the Jackson County Road Department and currently works for the Klamath County Public Works Department’s engineering division.

“What brought this scholarship to my attention was the Civil Engineering faculty at Oregon Tech,” said Anna. “I have worked for the Jackson County Road Department for three summers as well as currently working for Klamath County Public Works Department. These jobs provided a lot of experience with asphalt paving which is related to the scholarship I was awarded.”

To recognize her award, Anna is invited to attend the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon’s Annual Meeting, and either the Fall or Spring APWA Conference, to be recognized for her achievements and to network with civil engineering and construction industry professionals.

The APWA is a multi-disciplinary professional organization with over 30,000 members nationwide. The Oregon Chapter of APWA is an association of more than 800 professional engineers, technicians, operations staff, public works directors, business people, contractors, consultants and many others who join together to exchange ideas and information, promote education and training, and work as a team to meet professional and community needs.