Latest evacuation information for the Brattain Fire outside Paisley from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

 Level 3

  • Highway 31 from Summer Lake Store south to Red House Lane (north of Paisley).
  • Clover Flat Road from Valley Falls east to Moon Ranch.

Level 2

  • All of Paisley – from Red House Lane (north of Paisley), continuing south on Highway 31 to Valley Falls/the junction with U.S. Hwy 395.
  • Clover Flat Road from the intersection with Hwy 31 (Beachler’s Corner) south to Murphy Ranch.
  • From Summer Lake Store north along Highway 31 to the top of Picture Rock Pass.

Level 1

  • Valley Falls approximately 5 miles south on Hwy 395 to Chandler State Park.


The Brattain Fire continues to be active on the north and southeast sides due to erratic winds. If you don’t need to be in the area, please leave now.

Highway 31 is open, but prepared for traffic congestions, delays and increased fire traffic. Please use caution driving in the area.

The Red Cross has an evacuation area at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Lakeview (1900 North 4th St.). There is fire information there as well.