On September 26, 2020 just before 7:00 p.m., the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a female climber on Mt. Shasta reporting that her boyfriend had fallen down an embankment and was injured. The 911 call provided the location on the north face of Mt. Shasta at approximately the 11,000 foot level. Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue coordinator Deputy Mike Burns immediately began organizing a rescue effort including a Blackhawk helicopter from the California Army National Guard. At approximately 11:00 pm the crew of “Sparton 409” were able to safely airlift the female hiker, Chelsey Klein of San Diego, off the mountain and to a local hospital for treatment. They were unable to locate the male hiker and transported two USFS climbing rangers into the area to search. Additional ground rescuers from the USFS, Siskiyou County Search and Rescue, and Jackson County Search and Rescue also hiked into the area. Unfortunately, at approximately 8:00 a.m. the male hiker, identified as 35-year-old Jeffrey Sutton of San Diego, was found deceased.

According to Undersheriff Karl G. Houtman “On behalf of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, we extend our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Sutton. We would like to especially thank ‘Sparton 409” crew members CW4 Brockly, CW3 Digre, Crew Chief Sgt. Villarreal and Para Jumpers Woodward and Hofius for the safe rescue of Ms. Klein. We also thank the Jackson County and Siskiyou County Search and Rescue members for assisting in the search, USFS Climbing Rangers Moore and Sorenson for locating Mr. Sutton, and the crew of CHP “H-14” for the recovery of Mr. Sutton”.