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Klamath Alerts is a news service for the Klamath Basin and beyond.  Klamath Alerts provides instant local, regional, and national news alerts. Our goal is to quickly notify and alert our users of important breaking news. We offer both free content and premium subscriber content.

Klamath Alerts keeps you informed about:

  • Breaking local, regional, and national news alerts
  • Earthquake alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Public safety information
  • Air quality
  • Weather forecasts
  • And much more

Our alerts and news services are now available via a variety of sources. You may also subscribe to our smartphone app and be the first to receive our breaking news alerts to your mobile device.

Premium Subscriber Info: 

Our new smartphone app is nearly completed. We expect to deploy it in the next few weeks. More info will be posted when it’s ready.

Here’s how you can receive Klamath Alerts notifications:

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Like and follow The Klamath Alerts Facebook Page.

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*Facebook alerts contain daily weather forecasts, earthquake alerts, and notifications of news blog posts. Our breaking news alerts are now available via a subscription service.

For email alerts to new blog posts:


Sign up for our email notifications by visiting our home page and scrolling down to the right side of our email signup box. Note: We do not disclose or sell your email address to anyone.

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The above signup box is on the home page of our website.

Tip: You can also bookmark our website to your mobile device home screen. This makes it much easier to access our website quickly.

Apple: Only works on the Safari web browser. Click here for instructions

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Important Info: We often report initial breaking news information the moment it occurs. Please keep in mind that breaking news headlines can sometimes change and be updated as events unfold. We make every effort to report only accurate information quickly. We always update information as new or corrected information becomes available. Our news service is not intended to be a replacement for official government warnings or instructions in an emergency. Some reported information is preliminary and could possibly be deemed unfounded after police investigate. 

Klamath Alerts is a privately held news service that is not directly affiliated with any law enforcement or emergency government agency.