Are you looking for a new and cost effective way to get the word out about your business?

Klamath Alerts – Breaking News is a new and better way to advertise. Our followers and app users are instantly engaged with each new breaking news story. You now have an incredible opportunity to insert your brand where thousands of people are already looking.

Klamath Alerts provides breaking news notifications for local, regional and national (non political) news events. Our news is distributed via our smart phone app, our Facebook page and our website. The Klamath Alerts app is available free in the Android or Apple Store.

Your ad campaign can be sent via: 

  • K.A. mobile app (push alerts, banner ads, contests, etc)
  • K.A. Facebook page (Rotating ads, pinned ads, sponsored headlines, etc) 
  • K.A. website (banner ads, article content sponsor, headline sponsor etc) 

Klamath Alerts ad rates and information: 

  • We can work with any budget of $35 or more! 
  • On demand advertising with no contracts or minimums 
  • All ad campaigns targeted and focused based on your objective and budget. 
  • Aerial photography and professional video ad creation service available if needed. 
  • Free banner ad graphic creation included with your campaign if needed. 

Why advertise with Klamath Alerts?

We currently have an average combined weekly reach of 80,000 to 185,000+ visits/views depending on the the incident types in a given week.  We reach thousands of people every single day with our news alerts. Your brand can be attached and inserted to thousands of people actively engaged in the community. We can do it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than most other forms of advertising. Our news service is also a politically neutral venue to safely advertise your brand.

Just a few ideas for a new ad campaign with us: 

  1. Introduce a new product or service, new hours, new business feature, location etc.
  2. An exclusive coupon discount 
  3. A contest with a prize giveaway 
  4. Brand awareness blitz 
  5. Small business spotlight article
  6. News category sponsor
  7. Facebook pin to top advertisement
  8. Ads placed throughout our news website

*Note: An exclusive discount and or a contest with prize giveaway are extremely effective methods of engaging new customers

All we need to get you started is a budget and objective for your new campaign. Once we have that information, we will write up a custom campaign plan for your business. If you would prefer, you can launch a ready to go advertising package and get started now.

Klamath Alerts Mobile App – Free Download

Search for Klamath Alerts in the Android or Apple app stores

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“Ready To Go” ad campaigns – Custom campaigns also available

Free basic graphics included or use your own

Package A – Economy Starter

Total Cost $35

  • 7 consecutive days of up to two rotating graphic ads placed at various locations on our news website
  • 1 advertising graphic posted on our Facebook page feed to cycle through our Facebook wall (also syndicated to our Twitter page)
  • 1 mention post about your business on our Facebook page

Package B – Brand Booster

Total Cost $99

  • All features included in package A
  • *One push alert message of 140 characters or less to all users of our smartphone app. Push alerts show up in the alerts section of our smartphone application AND they show up on each users smartphone home screen.

Package C – Brand Blitz

Total Cost $250

  • All features in A and B packages
  • One additional push alert message on smart phone app
  • 1 graphic or text ad inserted into four different blog article posts

Push Alerts Note: *We allow a maximum of 3 advertising push alerts on our app per 7 day period. Your message may have to be scheduled to accommodate this depending on space available.

Klamath Alerts Audience Stats as of August 2018

  • 5,800+ smartphone app downloads. Currently growing at 30-80 new users per week.
  • 6,000+ email alerts subscribers
  • 15,000 to 25,000 website visits per month (depending on incidents and type of breaking news)
  • 80,000+ to 185,000+ total reach per week (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Smartphone App)
  • Traffic fluctuates based on the type of incidents that occur. For example, the recent Link River Trail Fire resulted in a reach of over 30,000 in just hours.

Klamath Alerts users are people interested in what is happening in the community. People with these interests generally care about the local economy and want your business to succeed. We believe that our advertising is amongst the most effective for businesses in the Klamath Basin.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you are ready to advertise or have more questions.

*Ad Rates subject to change at anytime without notice