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Former Madras Police Officer Sent To Prison For 6 Years For Repeated Sexual Abuse Of Minor


Former Madras Police Officer given 6 years in prison for repeated sexual abuse of minor. Also gets life supervised release.

PORTLAND, Ore.—John Joseph Wallace, Jr., 35, of Madras, Oregon, was sentenced today to 72 months in prison and life term of supervised release for the repeated sexual abuse of a minor.

According to court documents, the government’s investigation of Wallace began in January 2018, when Warm Springs Tribal Police officers responded to Wallace’s home on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Officers were responding to a report that Wallace had abused a young girl. The minor victim and her mother, who contacted police to report Wallace’s crimes, are both Warm Springs tribal members.

An investigation later revealed that Wallace, over a period of years, had repeatedly abused the child by touching her breasts, buttocks, and genitals, both over and under her clothing. Wallace used his cell phone to communicate with the child and facilitate multiple incidents of abuse at his home on the reservation and on a separate occasion in Madras.

On January 3, 2019, Wallace pleaded guilty in federal court to three counts of abusive sexual contact with a minor. In a related state court matter, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Annette C. Hillman found Wallace guilty of attempted sexual abuse in the first degree and official misconduct in the first degree. Wallace will be sentenced in state court on April 12, 2019.

This case was investigated by FBI Portland’s Safe Trails Task Force, the Warm Springs Tribal Police Department, and the Oregon Department of Justice. It was prosecuted federally by Paul T. Maloney, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon.

The Safe Trails Task Force (STTF) unites FBI and other federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies in a collaborative effort to combat the growth of crime in Indian Country. STTF allows participating agencies to combine limited resources and increase investigative coordination in Indian Country to target violent crime, drugs, gangs, and gaming violations.

Anyone who has information about the physical or online exploitation of children are encouraged to call the FBI at (503) 224-4181 or submit a tip online at

Coast Guard Makes Drug Seizure Off Newport Oregon Coast


A Sailboat Was Intercepted Off The Coast Of Newport. Coast Guard personnel located Meth onboard.

PORTLAND, Ore.—A criminal complaint was filed today in federal court alleging John Phillip Stirling, 65, a citizen of Canada, illegally possessed with the intent to distribute methamphetamine aboard a U.S. flagged vessel.

According to court documents, on April 9, 2019, while on a routine patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alert detected a sailing vessel traveling north 225 nautical miles from Newport, Oregon. The vessel, named Mandalay, had a home port of Seattle, Washington and visible U.S. registration numbers. When Coast Guard personnel attempted to communicate with Stirling, he went below deck and would only respond via VHF radio. Once Coast Guard personnel determined the Mandalay was a U.S. flagged vessel, they boarded and found Stirling to be the vessel’s sole occupant.

Stirling stated he did not have vessel documentation and refused to produce identification. Upon further questioning, Sterling’s speech began to deteriorate and he displayed signs of a possible drug overdose. Coast Guard personnel administered medical aid to Stirling and evacuated him by helicopter to Astoria, Oregon. He was later transported by ambulance to Adventist Health Portland for additional treatment.

Coast Guard personnel conducted a search of the Mandalay and discovered 28 seven-gallon jugs containing liquid methamphetamine.

Stirling made an initial appearance today in federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie F. Beckerman. Stirling was ordered detained pending trial.

A criminal complaint is only an accusation of a crime, and a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

This case is being investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).


Final Lakeview Flood Update 4-10-19


Final Update On Lakeview Flood

Highlights Of Final Press Release:

All road closures have been lifted and great progress has been made to remove debris and restore stream channels. Lake County School District 7 schools reopened this morning.

Emergency operations have gone into stand-by mode, prepared if rain in the forecast Thursday and remaining snowpack cause floodwaters to rise again.

Resources continued working on cleanup and assessing damage from the flood.

Homeowner damage reports, questions or concerns regarding the flooding incident in Lakeview can call the Lakeview Fire Department nonemergency number, 541-947-2504.

Incident managers want to thank everyone involved – from emergency responders, volunteers and the public, to helping ensure the incident was safe and cleanup happened quickly.

Unless there is a significant change in conditions, this will be the final update for this incident.



Lakeview Flood Update 4-9-19 AM

Lakeview Flood Update  

LAKEVIEW, Ore. – Even though waters have begun to recede, there are still road closures in effect, active pumping operations and cleanup activities in the Lakeview area following a flood event which peaked early this morning.

There is a road closure on Roberta Avenue between Oregon State Highway 140 and South 3rd Street.  Bullard Canyon is also closed.  Road closures in the area are posted.  Some roads are also blocked with sandbags.

Throughout Lakeview there are multiple hazards on the roads as a result of flooding last night.  Boulders have washed down Bullard Canyon onto Center Street into Lakeview to at least F Street and U.S. Highway 395.  There are also areas where flood debris and materials removed from culverts are still in roadways.

Today area resources will be working on cleanup, restoring culverts, and continuing water pumping.  There are three volume pumps and three engines working on the incident.  The Town of Lakeview and Lake County will continue to be assisted by state and federal resources today.

Emergency management officials appreciate the public’s continued cooperation in staying off area roadways as cleanup and water pumping efforts continue today.  The public is asked if they are not part of emergency response to stay home for both public and emergency personnel safety.

The National Weather Service in Medford extended the Flood Warning for small streams in south central Lake County and south central Oregon until 12:15 p.m. today.

In Bullard Canyon, east of Lakeview, by 5 a.m. the water had receded about 3 feet.  In other areas, water was beginning to recede back into normal channels.  Emergency response officials note that a lot of this was accomplished due to clearing overgrown ditches to improve drainage and pumping operations.

“Without everyone’s help last night we would not be in the position we are in this morning.  The volunteer help is absolutely critical to what we accomplished,” said Scott Havel, Division Supervisor on the incident and a Bureau of Land Management Lakeview District firefighter.

“The homeowners on S and T Streets were a huge help last night out in the rain with flashlights showing us what was going on,” Havel said.

Bullard Canyon Dam is still holding and area officials continue to monitor the dam today.

There are not any evacuation orders in place.  All Lake County School District 7 schools are closed today.

The Town Shop has piles of sand, bags and some filled sandbags at their location on the 200 block of North N Street.  Firefighters and other personnel are working to fill sandbags for the town and area residents.

Currently the Town of Lakeview and Lakeview Fire Department, Lake County and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Thomas Creek-Westside Rural Fire Protection District, Oregon State Police, the South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership, Lake Health District Hospital, Lake County School District 7, Oregon Department of Transportation, Warner Creek Correctional Facility and Oregon Department of Forestry are working together on this emergency situation.

Flooding Reports From Lakeview. Bullard Dam Reported To Be Holding


Areas of Lakeview have been flooding due to heavy rain and rapid snow melt 

Here is the latest information: 

Bullard Dam is not failing – the water is going over the spillway as it is supposed to.

The public is asked if they are not part of emergency response to please stay home. This is for public and emergency personnel safety. Crews are out tonight, in the dark and rain, placing sandbags.

All Lake County School District 7 schools are closed tomorrow (Tuesday).

There are sandbags available for those who need it at the Lakeview Town Shop, located on the 200 Block of North N Street




In January 2019, Oregon State Police Detectives began an investigation into reported abuse of two young boys living in the town of New Pine Creek, Oregon, located in southern Lake County near the California border.

The boys were assessed at Klamath-Lake CARES (Child Abuse Response & Evaluation Services) where they disclosed extensive physical abuse and being forced to ingest marijuana.

The Lake County District Attorneys’s Office brought the charges before a Grand Jury and warrants for the arrest of Shawn Michael Fortune (26) and Jamie Baust (31) of Lake County were issued for Causing another person to ingest a controlled substance, Criminal Mistreatment First Degree,  Assault Third Degree,  Assault Fourth Degree, and Unlawful Use of an Electrical Stun Gun, Tear Gas or Mace.

Fortune and Baust fled Lake County and the state of Oregon prior to being apprehended on the listed charges.  

OSP Detectives enlisted the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service – Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force.  The U.S Marshals Service located Fortune and Baust in South Bend, Indiana.

On April 4, 2019, the South Bend Indiana U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force located Fortune and Baust and took them into custody without incident. They will be held in Indiana until they can be extradited to Oregon.

Two Rivers Correctional Institution reports in-custody death

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.59.19 PM.png

An Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) adult in custody, Dennis Willian, died yesterday, March 28, 2019. Willian was incarcerated at Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI) in Umatilla and passed away in the Infirmary while on Hospice. As with all in-custody deaths, the Oregon State Police have been notified.

Willian entered DOC custody on July 27, 2010, from Josephine County with an earliest release date of June 8, 2019. Willian was 75 years old. Next of kin has been notified.

DOC takes all in-custody deaths seriously. The agency is responsible for the care and custody of 14,700 individuals who are incarcerated in 14 institutions across the state. While crime information is public record, DOC elects to disclose only upon request out of respect for any family or victims.

TRCI is a multi-custody prison in Umatilla that houses approximately 1,800 adults in custody. TRCI participates in prison industries with Oregon Corrections Enterprises including institution and industrial laundry, mattress manufacturing, and sewing. Other institution work programs include repairing and cleaning of irrigation ditches, maintenance of local baseball fields, and work with local cities and the Hermiston School District. The facility provides a range of correctional programs and services including education, religious services, and behavioral health services. TRCI opened in 2000.


Dennis Willian



Klamath Alerts News

An Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) adult in custody, Roderick Carroll, died the morning of March 19, 2019. Carroll was incarcerated at Warner Creek Correctional Facility. As with all in-custody deaths, the Oregon State Police have been notified, and the Medical Examiner will determine cause of death.


Carroll entered DOC custody on August 15, 2013, out of Lane County, with an earliest release date of April 4, 2019. Carroll was 57 years old.

DOC takes all in-custody deaths seriously. The agency is responsible for the care and custody of 14,700 individuals who are incarcerated in 14 institutions across the state.

Next of kin has been notified. No other details are available at this time.

WCCF is a minimum-security prison in Lakeview that houses approximately 496 adults in custody who are within four years of release. WCCF provides a range of correctional programs and services including education, transitional programs, religious services, and work crews. WCCF has a contact center on site through Oregon Corrections Enterprises. WCCF opened in September 2005 and is Oregon’s newest operating prison. It received the State Energy Efficiency Design (SEED) award in May 2008 for its progress in design efficiency. The most energy-efficient element at WCCF is the use of geothermal energy, providing 100 percent of the hot water to the facility.


Oregon Department of Human Services Notifies Public of Data Breach


(Salem, Ore.) – The Oregon Department of Human Services uncovered a phishing incident that affected e-mail records at the department. Unfortunately, Protected Health Information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was compromised and potentially exposed.

The agency has hired an outside entity, IDExperts, to perform a forensic review to clarify the number and identities of Oregonians whose information was exposed, and the specific kinds of information involved.

The Department of Human Services takes privacy and the confidentiality of client information seriously and has strong information technology security processes in place, which enabled the department to detect and contain the incident. The department cannot confirm that any clients’ personal information was acquired from its email system or used inappropriately. However, it is notifying the public because information was accessible to an unauthorized person or persons.

Although DHS has not confirmed that clients’ personal information was acquired during the incident, DHS considers the incident a breach under Oregon’s Identity Theft Protection Act (ORS 646A.600 to 646A.628). Therefore, this notification is provided in part as a substitute notice of a breach under Oregon’s Identity Theft Protection Act, because the class of affected consumers exceeds 350,000.

The facts are summarized below, along with protective measures the department has taken since discovering the incident and general guidance on protecting personal information.

What happened?

On January 28, 2019 DHS and Enterprise Security Office Cyber Security team confirmed that a breach of regulated information had occurred. Nine individual employees opened a phishing email and clicked on a link that compromised their email mailboxes and allowed access to these employees’ email information. Current information indicates on January 8th, a spear phishing email was sent to DHS employees. Through our process of discovery, we learned that there were nearly 2 million emails in those email mailboxes.

The unauthorized access to the affected email mailboxes was successfully stopped. DHS is in the process of thoroughly reviewing the incident and the information involved. This investigation includes clarifying the number of impacted records that might contain personal information of clients receiving services from DHS.

What information was involved?

Clients’ Protected Health Information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was accessible to an unauthorized person. Client information may include first and last names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, case number and other information used to administer DHS programs.

What is the Department of Human Services doing?

The security and confidentiality of personal information is critical to the Department of Human Services. While there is no indication that any personal information was copied from its email system or used inappropriately, the department will be offering identity theft recovery services for impacted individuals.  DHS is in the process of determining whose information was affected by this breach. Once confirmed, IDExperts will send individual notices to identified individuals, including notices to clients whose HIPAA-protected information was involved, with instructions on how to register for the service, which includes free credit monitoring.

Need more information?

DHS will provide updates as more information is known.

IDExperts has established a toll-free information line which will be available Friday (March 22, 2019) at (800) 792-1750 to assist DHS clients with more information. There is also an established website with information.

Concerned DHS clients may contact all three national consumer reporting agencies, including for a copy of a current credit report, at:

Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian


Phone 877-322-8228 (Option 1)

Mailing Address:


Annual Credit Report Request Service

P.O. Box 105281

Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

Credit freeze: Consumers, including potentially affected DHS clients, have the option to freeze their credit reports for free. Parents may request a freeze of the credit report of a DHS client who is a child under the age of 16. The guardian, conservator, or person holding a valid power of attorney for a DHS client may also request a credit report freeze for that DHS client. Below is each company’s freeze contact information:

Equifax, (800) 349-9960 (Automated, Option 1) or (888) 298-0045 (Live)

TransUnion, (888) 909-8872 (Option 3)

Experian, (888) 397-3742 (Option 1 followed by Option 2)

As always, DHS clients are encouraged to report suspected identity theft to law enforcement, including the Oregon Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division and the Federal Trade Commission.

For information on how to report suspected identity theft and for information about protecting your identity, visit:

The Oregon Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, which can be found online at:

Federal Trade Commission consumer information on Privacy, Identity & Online Security, which can be found online at:


Lyons, Ore. – The Santiam Park Fire, reported Tuesday afternoon near the North Santiam State Recreational Area off Highway 22, is currently 80 percent lined, with all evacuation levels lifted.

Unified command, consisting of the Oregon Department of Forestry, Linn County Sheriff’s Office, and Lyons Fire Department, made today’s objective clear for crews; fight fire aggressively and safely. With improved weather conditions, crews were able to meet that objective, building upon and strengthening containment lines. Crews continue to work on mop-up, locating and extinguishing hot spots, and falling snags. At the time of this release, no structures have been lost and no injuries reported.

“Some folks seem surprised to see this fire on the landscape in March,” said Incident Commander Blake Ellis, “but as firefighters, we are trained to consider the conditions, not the calendar. The dedication of the local fire departments and crews combined with the involvement and support of the local community continues to impress me.”  

After successful initial attack and reduced fire activity, ground crews were able to walk the line with GPS, obtaining a more accurate perimeter line, mapping the fire at 189 acres. With no significant fire growth since yesterday, the increased acres reported are a direct result of improved mapping in steep and rugged terrain.

As of 5:00 pm today, evacuation levels in both counties have been lifted.

Approximately 85 personnel are currently engaged on the fire, including crews from ODF, Lyons Fire Department, Mill City Fire Department, Sublimity Fire Department, and other local agencies. Resources involved include a Type 2 helicopter as well as multiple dozers and engines.

Amber Alert Issued By Nampa, ID Police For Endangered 10 Year Old Female

Regional Breaking

Amber Alert Issued On Emergency Network By Nampa, ID Police

***Update: 3:59pm Nampa police report the child has been found safe and have cancelled the alert. ***

Many local residents of Klamath Falls have reported receiving an Amber Alert on their smart phone. The following information is out by Nampa, ID police where the alert originated today.

On March 20, 2019, the Nampa Police Department issued an Amber Alert for a missing and possibly endangered child, Alissa Helmandollar, a 10-year-old female Nampa resident.

Alissa was last seen at a Nampa hotel with her mother, Brooke A. Helmandollar, 41, yesterday afternoon. It is believed that they left the area either last night or this morning. They are possibly headed to the Portland, Oregon area. It is believed that Alissa may be in danger due to Brooke’s recent threatening behavior towards Alissa.

The vehicle that Brooke and Alissa are believed to be in is a silver 2018 Nissan Sentra, Idaho license plate 1A909DF. Alissa is a white female, 4’10”, 80 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes and unknown clothing. Brooke is a white female, 5’4”, 125 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes and unknown clothing.

If anyone sees these persons or vehicle, please contact a local law enforcement agency with the location. If anyone has any tips related to this Amber Alert, please contact the Nampa Police Department at 208-465-2206.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 3.44.42 PM

Evacuations In Place As Santiam Park Fire Grows To 60 Acres. Recreation Area Now Closed

camp fire

Santiam Recreation Area Closed. Evacuations In Place As Fire Grows To 60 Acres

Lyons, Ore. — A fire reported Tuesday afternoon near the North Santiam State Recreational Area off Highway 22 has grown to an estimated 60 acres as of Tuesday evening, with evacuations ordered for nearby homes.

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is in unified command with the Lyons Fire Department and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office on the Santiam Park Fire. Pushed by strong east winds, the fire jumped the Santiam River and is approximately 20 percent lined.

Level 3 “GO” evacuations are in place for residents west of Neighbor’s Lane, including 25th Avenue, River Loop, and Oak Lane. Approximately 35 homes and 30 outbuildings are currently threatened, but no structures have been lost. The Red Cross has identified Mari-Linn Elementary School as an evacuation center.

“Our partners at the local level along with our ODF resources have done an outstanding job during initial attack today” said ODF Incident Commander, Blake Ellis, “we appreciate the teamwork of all agencies involved.”

Crews from ODF, Lyons Fire Department, Mill City Fire Department, Sublimity Fire Department, and other local agencies were engaged in extended attack and expect to return in the morning. Resources involved include a Type 2 helicopter as well as multiple dozers and engines.

For more information on evacuations, contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Office at 541-967-3950.

Mari-Linn Elementary School is following normal procedures for notification regarding potential school closure for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20.

North Santiam State Recreateion Area is closed.


Mountain House Foods Of Oregon Announces New Pouch Recycle Program

Mountain House Recycle Program

Mountain House Foods Of Oregon Announces New Recycle Program Free To Customers

Backpacking and Emergency Freeze-Dried Food Company Works to Leave-No-Trace with Announcement of Packaging Recycling Program

TRENTON, NJ (March 11, 2019) – Mountain House, the leader in freeze-dried backpacking and emergency food options, has partnered with international recycling company TerraCycle® to offer consumers a free, easy way to recycle packaging waste from their line of Mountain House pouches. Read more

Madras Man Faces Prison Time After Road Rage Incident At Warm Springs


Madras Man Convicted Of Shooting At Vehicle After Road Rage Incident 

PORTLAND, Ore.—On Friday, March 15, 2019, a federal jury found Dat Quoc Do, 28, of Madras, Oregon, guilty of two counts of unlawful use of a weapon for discharging a firearm during a road rage altercation on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in September 2017. Read more

I-5 Shooting Leaves One Person Dead And Suspect On The Run. OSP Asking For Help In Case.


Suspect Sought After Shooting On I-5 Near Roseburg

On Sunday, March 17, 2019 at approximately 12:00 P.M. Oregon State Police and emergency personnel responded to the report of a shooting that had occurred on Interstate 5 southbound near milepost 124.

Witnesses reported a subject in a late model silver four door sedan, possibly a Ford, with no license plates shot a male subject in another vehicle while traveling southbound at that location.

The victim was transported to Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg for treatment of a gunshot wound. He was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

The suspect vehicle continued on Interstate 5 southbound from milepost 123.

A witness described the driver of the silver car as a male in his 30’s wearing a red baseball cap.

Oregon State Police is asking anyone who sees a vehicle and subject matching that description to call 911 and do not attempt to contact as we consider the suspect armed and dangerous.

Anyone that may have witnessed the shooting or anyone with any information regarding the shooting is asked to call the Oregon State Police at – *OSP – and refer to case # SP19095157.

Investigation is continuing and no further information is available for release at this time.

The victim in this case has been identified as Edward Lanier (53) of Myrtle Creek, Oregon.

Update: 8:51pm 3-17-19

Oregon State Police is requesting that anyone who may have seen an altercation between the victim vehicle, a beige 1992 Honda Accord, the suspect vehicle, a late model silver four door sedan (possibly a Ford) with no license plates, and possibly a third vehicle with no description.

The three vehicles were observed traveling westbound on Harvard Ave. just east of I-5 and then turning onto the southbound onramp to I-5 from Harvard Ave.

Oregon State Police is asking anyone that may have observed this altercation with the three vehicles or with any information regarding this incident to contact Oregon State Police at *OSP.

Graphic below shows area of incident.

Roseburg Shooting

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