Step 1 is download the free Twitter app. 

Download Twitter for Android devices 

Download Twitter for Apple devices 

Step 2 is create a Twitter account or login if you already have one.

If you don’t have an account it is free and you can set a new account up very easily. It’s up to you if you want to edit your profile later or leave it with no photo and default information. 

Step 3 is search for Klamath Alerts and then click Follow

Once you have your Twitter account setup, search for Klamath Alerts and click follow on the right side below the main image. 

Step 4 is turn on notifications. 

Once you have access to our Twitter page, you need to turn on mobile notifications. Go to your phone or tablet notification settings and click on twitter. Once you open the notification settings menu within your device you can make sure notifications are set to on. 

Step 5 is turn on notifications from Klamath Alerts page. Once access is approved, go to the Klamath Alerts twitter page and click the small bell to the left of following and click on Turn on mobile notifications in the drop down menu that opens when you click on the bell.

That’s it! You should be setup and ready to go. Please contact us if you need more help. We would be happy to offer you personal help to get setup if you are stuck.