Twitter Breaking News Alerts

Subscribe To Our Twitter Notification Service 

Our new Twitter notification service is most similar to our original smartphone app that started it all. Alerts are transmitted via our private Twitter page. The app works well with any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. 

Alerts on our Twitter platform include: 

  • Breaking Local News 
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Road Closures and Blockages 
  • Dangerous Road Conditions 
  • Major (non political) Regional and National Breaking News 
  • News Blog Posts 
  • Weather Alerts 
  • Large Earthquake Notifications 
  • And more…

A Twitter subscription is included if you are already a yearly subscriber to our Mighty Networks platform. To qualify you must be subscribed to our year at a time service and be beyond your 3 day trial period. Active yearly Mighty Networks subscribers can download Twitter, create your profile, and find Klamath Alerts. Once you find Klamath Alerts click on follow. We will verify your subscription and connect you. Please note: it may take a few hours up to a day to be connected.

If you prefer to subscribe directly to our Twitter service without a Mighty Network subscription, you can do so here. Your subscription here does not include access to our Mighty Networks platform. Clicking the subscribe button below will bring up a secure payment form via Stripe Payments. Once you complete your payment just follow our easy Twitter setup guide. You will also be routed to our guide after payment as well. Please note that it may take a few hours up to a day to get your Twitter access approved and connected. All Twitter connections are a manual process.