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About Klamath Alerts

Klamath alerts was founded to make it easier to get breaking news stories delivered to where you are. We monitor many local, regional, and national sources to deliver important news notifications to you quickly. 

Our alerts include as it happens breaking news, earthquake notifications, weather alerts, traffic alerts, police and fire activity, community news, product safety information and much more. 

Klamath Alerts was founded by a husband and wife team in February 2018. We share your interest in knowing what is going on in our great community. 

Together, we have combined experience in aviation, ambulance services, emergency communications, law enforcement, and amateur radio. Our past experiences help us give you a unique insight into the breaking news stories of today. We hope that you enjoy our news service and that it helps you stay more informed about our community. 

Our Guidelines: Klamath Alerts makes every effort to post only accurate information in our news articles. Some of our content is based on preliminary information reported to law enforcement or government agencies. Opinion articles that may appear here do not always reflect our personal views. 

Privacy: We respect our followers and viewers privacy and do not disclose any follower data with outside agencies not affiliated with Klamath Alerts that is under our control. 

Click Bait: Although any news writer pays attention to writing interesting titles and headlines, we do not participate in writing “click bait” articles to boost revenue. 

Fake News: All of the Klamath Alerts team is against fake or false news reporting. Our articles are always corrected or updated if we become aware of information that is not true. 

Polices: For more information about our polices and terms of service please read the dedicated pages for these. Links are located at the bottom navigation menu on our website.