Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of our new app based alert service.

Klamath Alerts is a Mighty Network

Our new app and premium network resides within the Mighty Networks application. It’s like a private social network and an app all together. You can see and join the network here:

If you would like to get push alerts from us, you will need to download and install the free Mighty Networks app. You access the Klamath Alerts network from within the Mighty Networks app by using your account credentials you created when you signed up. Note: It is easier if you signup for an account first at the link above before you download the app. There is also a “text me the app” feature after you sign up at the link above. 

Once you have an account and subscription created download the Mighty Networks app at one of the links below depending on what type of device you have. Note: The iOS version link also offers an iPad version of the app. 

Click here to download the iOS version

Click here to download the Android version

Important: Only one account is needed. You would be billed for each account you setup. Once you signup for an account, you can use that same account to access Klamath Alerts on the web or on the smartphone app. 

Once you have downloaded the Mighty Networks app, search for Klamath Alerts and then login using your email address and password you created earlier. Once you are logged in, the system leaves you logged in. Tip: Look for the Klamath Alerts logo to find our network within the app. 

Please remember that our terms of service apply when you download and use our app. 

Once you are inside the network everything is built in modules called topics or alert groups. All you have to do is decide which topics and which alert groups you would like to follow. You can receive alerts from any topic or alert group you follow. Just click on the main navigation button (3 small lines as pictured below on the top left side of the screen). That gives you access to the overall navigation structure of the group. 

Discovery lets you zoom out and see everything in the network. 

Topics and Alert Groups are the modules you follow based on your interest to get alerts sent to you. 

Anytime you want to update your personal profile, change your icon, or change your alert notifications click on the icon on the top far right as pictured above. Note: Your icon will look different than ours pictured here. Some of the navigation icons are at the bottom if you are inside the smartphone app. 

The above image shows the alert groups you can follow. Once you follow any or all of these you will get alerts anytime a new post is made. Alerts are only sent when a new post is made to a group you are following.