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Instant Alerts

Receive instant push notifications about local and national breaking news as it occurs on your smartphone or tablet. Email alerts also available if desired.

News Blog

One touch access to our popular news blog. The Klamath Alerts blog features local, regional, and non political national news stories.

Real Time Chat

Share an incident photo and chat with other app users about breaking news events.

get the alerts you want

Receive only the alert types you want. Users can customize settings at anytime within the alerts section.

  • Fire Incidents & Activity
  • Police & Crime Incidents
  • Local Weather Briefings
  • Storm Coverage & Weather Alerts
  • Traffic Alerts & Road Closures
  • Real Time Notifications Apple & Android
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Filter Alerts Based On Your Interest
  • Independent & Reliable Platform
  • Access Network From Desktop Computer
  • Real Time Chat
  • Upload Scene Photos
  • As It Happens Coverage
  • Press Release Information

Klamath Alerts App Subscription Plans

The new Klamath Alerts app is 100% ad free and subscriber supported. 

Your subscription also helps us maintain the entire Klamath Alerts platform. 

Need Help? Checkout our Mighty Network help page 

Our breaking news service is subject to our terms of service


Per Month

  • 1 month subscription
  • Access to all app features
  • Real time news alerts
  • Filter alert types
  • Share info with other app users
  • Access to exclusive news community
  • Android or Apple iOS App
  • Access to premium content
  • Free 3 Day Trial
  • Pay as you go monthly


Per Year

  • 12 month subscription
  • Access to all app features
  • Real time news alerts
  • Filter alert types
  • Share info with other app users
  • Access to exclusive news community
  • Android or Apple iOS App
  • Access to premium content
  • Free 3 Day Trial
  • Pay once a year

Klamath Alerts mobile app and news community is a Mighty Network

Free 3 Day Trial

Our monthly and yearly subscription plans include a free 3 day trial at signup.

Frequently asked questions

We provided the app at just over 6 months for free. We intended to keep the app free with advertising content from local businesses. However, we found it is very difficult to get local businesses to commit to sponsoring the app for long periods of time. National ads require intrusive and annoying pop ups to be profitable. Ad revenue month to month is uncertain, yet the operating costs are the same.

We provided our alerts to subscribers on Patreon while we finished building our new app. The Patreon app was a temporary vehicle to deliver our alerts until our new app could be completed. Our Patreon sponsors kept us going during the app transition and we are very thankful for them.

Two reasons. First, our costs for the over six months of providing the app far exceeded what we had planned for. Second, our former app software provider was falling behind with app store protocols and we would have been forced to remove it from the app stores to avoid a potential suspension for non compliance. Both of these factors pointed to a need for us to come up with a new structure for providing our alerts.

Our app is a service and exclusive community. It requires hours worth of work every day, seven days a week. We monitor many sources including police and fire radio frequencies using more advanced equipment than a basic scanner. We also monitor many additional sources and have access to national and regional news as they reach the major press organizations. We are often able to post breaking news before some major networks can post them. A simple scanner cannot begin to provide you with the same information you can get from our app. We also rely on our subscribers to maintain everything we do. 

Facebook does not always alert every follower of a page about new posts. Facebook has a complex notification system. If you haven’t visited a page recently, you may not get alerts at all anymore. Our smartphone app uses push alerts in the Apple and Android native operating system. These alerts are much faster and more reliable than Facebook alerts. Most of our breaking news alerts will be sent to our mobile app moving forward.

Yes! We offer a large selection of free content on our Facebook, Twitter, and klamathalerts.com website. We do have fixed operating costs to maintain everything. When you subscribe to our app it helps us keep everything at Klamath Alerts going.

The ads on the website usually generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of maintaining the website alone. Running national ads to maintain an app is difficult because it’s hard to predict the monthly revenue they will generate. Also, to generate meaningful revenue we would have to paste ads all over the app including annoying pop ups. We would rather have a clean, easy to use, fast loading app that is user supported.

Klamath Alerts Terms Of Service

Use of our app implies that you agree with our terms of service


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