Press Release – Klamath County School District

Henley High School responded to two separate incidences that involved threats against the school on Thursday, March 1. In both cases school administration and Klamath County Sheriff’s Office are investigating and taking appropriate steps.

Classes continued on schedule on Thursday and classes are scheduled normally on Friday.

In the first incident, Henley High staff became aware of an inappropriate joke referencing a threat against the school. The student is being disciplined by both the school and law enforcement.

Later in the day a second threat was written on a bathroom wall. Klamath County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate. Henley is offering a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of this individual. Contact Henley High School or the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office with information.

This week and next, the Sheriff’s Office and School Resource Officers will have an increased presence at Henley High. Safety of students and staff is the top priority for Henley and the Klamath County School District.