Small Business Spotlight – Cranberry Station

It all started when Susan Connelly – Pace was trying to reduce her husband’s suffering of dry and cracked skin on his hands. She researched and eventually developed her own goat’s milk formula soap. The soap worked so well, she knew she could turn her new found formula into a business.

The “Cranberry Station” name was decided upon during a return road trip from Medford. Susan and her husband had a brain storming session and Cranberry Station was born.

Cranberry Station has been open since September of 2017. Since opening, demand for her natural ingredient products has soared!

During a Small Business Saturday event last year,  Susan had over 300 people in her store throughout the day who quickly depleted her products. Susan said it was a challenge to restock product before the holiday rush as soap making takes 30 days.

Cranberry Station is expanding it’s product line to include sugar scrubs, lip balms,  and more kinds of soaps. At the present time sugar scrubs and bath bombs are some of the best selling products in the store. There is also a new chocolate truffle lip balm available!

All of the products found in Cranberry Station are handmade by Susan. She uses only fresh and natural based ingredients and locally sources them as much as possible. An increasing number of male customers are reporting that the goat milk based soaps found in the store are working very well at combating dry skin.

Cranberry Station is located at 111 North 9th Street (between Pine and Main) in Klamath Falls.

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Hours: Tue-Fri 10A to 5pm. Saturdays 10A to 4pm. Closed Mondays.

Phone 541-887-2359

Visit the Cranberry Station Facebook Page Here 

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