People around Klamath Falls have been reporting the sudden and mysterious appearance of flamingo flocks showing up at various locations and lawns around town.

The New Horizon Christian School in Klamath Falls is using a “Flamingo Flock” to raise money for the 5th and 6th grade classes there to attend a science camp in April. The new fundraiser is so popular, it has now been extended until end of April.

How it works:

You contact the school office at 541-884-6467 and make a $20 dollar donation to the school (or more if you want) for a “flamingoing”.  Your “flamingoing” will be scheduled and carried out and the “birds” will remain at the location you sent them for 24 hours. This is a great way to lift someone up who might be a little down, or celebrate a special occasion.



Pictured above, some locations where the flamingos have recently landed.

Do you have someone you want to send the flock to? Hurry this fundraiser will be gone at the end of April. Contact New Horizon Christian School  today ( link opens external website).

Article by Klamath Alerts. Photos submitted to K.A. and used by permission