K.A. Contest: Guess the Re-entry date and time of China’s 8-ton Tiangong-1 Space Lab. Win a Prize!


As we previously reported in our news blog, China’s Tiangong-1 Space Lab is predicted to enter Earth’s atmosphere and burn up within the next few days. Southern Oregon is within the large area of predicted re-entry path.

Here is the latest info from Space.com

Can you guess the date and time of re-entry?

The person who is closest to the actual date and time of re-entry will win an Emoji Luggage Identification set. Times submitted will be assumed Pacific Daylight Time.

How To Play:

Comment here on our blog or on our Facebook page (please do not send direct messages with your guess, they will not be counted). Just guess the date and time of re-entry. You can review the space.com article above for the latest information before making your guess.

Limit: 1 Guess Per Person 

Multiple guesses will not be counted from the same person, and that person will be disqualified from winning a prize. 

The person or person(s) closest to the actual re-entry time and date will win 1 emoji luggage I.D. set. (a set includes two handle wraps and one id card). We will message and announce the winners shortly after the re-entry occurs this weekend.

Winners and Prizes:

1 Lucky winner with the closest guess will be chosen from comments on our blog 

1 Lucky winner with the closest guess will be chosen from the comments on our Facebook page. (Facebook winner must like our page to qualify)

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 10.09.43 AM

The Emoji Luggage I.D. set helps you easily identify your luggage in busy airport ground terminals. A set includes two handle wraps and one id tag. 




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