On Thursday morning the Mazama School Resource Officer found drugs and a firearm in a students’ vehicle while investigating a report of two students smoking marijuana in the parking lot. Juan Zambrano-Lopez, 18, was arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm on school property. Another student was cited for Minor in Possession of Tobacco and Marijuana.

“According to the investigation so far, there appears to be no sign of any intent to use the weapon on school property,” said Sheriff Chris Kaber.

When the district became aware of the weapon, it responded quickly and with appropriate disciplinary action.

“This situation is not OK,” said Superintendent Greg Thede. “Safety is our number one concern.”

The district, school and sheriff’s office continue to investigate and determine appropriate action against the students involved.

The school administration and SRO worked quickly to keep the students, staff and school safe. The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office will have an increased presence at Mazama High School today and the rest of this week.

Safety is important to the district, the school and the community.

“We want to keep the public as informed as we possibly can,” Thede said.

Klamath Alerts 5/3/18