On 8-22-18 the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) executed a search warrant at a residence near Keno, Oregon at 17907 Hamaker Lane.  The warrant was issued allowing for the search of evidence related to a suspected illegal marijuana grow operation. Deputies discovered a total of “176” marijuana plants growing in a greenhouse and inside the residence.


The residence was legally allowed to grow “4” plants per Oregon Law which permits recreational marijuana to be grown (4 plants per household).


“172” plants were seized (660 pounds) and the “4” legal plants were left untouched. One resident was cited to appear in Circuit Court with two other persons under investigation for potential charges as well.


Cited to Appear:


James Young (38 years of age)   Manufacture of Controlled Substance – Marijuana

Possession of Controlled Substance – Marijuana





The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office will continue to fulfill its sworn duty to investigate suspected illegal marijuana grow operations and bring those responsible before the court.


Despite the sustained outcry by those opposed to any controls on the production of marijuana in Klamath County, if it is being produced in illegal quantities the KCSO will continue efforts to enforce these laws. The position of the Sheriff on the issue of illegal production of marijuana in Klamath County is pretty clear, “Grow legal or get out.”