Contractor spells “Klamamth” wrong on K.U. Pel Court Floor


From Klamath Falls City Schools:

“It has been brought to our attention that a floor painting subcontractor for our construction contractor made a painting error in Pel Court that will be fixed at their expense.”

Hopefully the contractor is not a K.U. Graduate? How did this work get signed off in the first place? Lots of questions and few answers.

by Klamath Alerts


  • I would like to know why this is such a big deal? All the things happening in this community, state, country, and world and THIS is what our local news is choosing to spend their time investigating???

  • They actually spelled “Klamamth” just right. It’s the ‘Klamath’ they seem to have had issues with.

  • It’s a big deal because they have overrun their budget by millions of taxpayer dollars with no accountability and this has to be “brought to their attention”. It demonstrates the inept management of the project. The better picture would have been when they put a giant container out front uncovered with an asbestos sign and had kids register at the same time. Who know how many got exposed because of their incompetence. Taxpayer money is being wasted

  • I would like to know “WHO did it??? WHO is going to Fix it??? and WHO is going to pay for it????

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