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Above: MVPs Karl Kessler and Mike Britton, right, set up a radar trailer on Harlan Drive August 27.

A special group of Klamath County Sheriff’s Office volunteers, known as MVPs, have taken on reducing speeding throughout Klamath County by stationing radar trailers in known speeding hotspots. Radar trailers alert approaching drivers of their speed of travel and flash when it’s over the posted limit for that particular roadway. Sheriff’s Office MVPs, which stands for ‘Mature Volunteer Program,’ post and operate these radar trailers several days a week throughout the County based upon a combination of citizen complaints, patrol deputy recommendations, and an assessment that requires certain location criteria.

“We volunteer to do this work because the Sheriff’s Office deputies are always really busy, and sometimes responding to emergencies is prioritized over educating the public about speed limits in certain neighborhoods,” says MVP Mike Britton. When asked how many hours Mike spends volunteering on this particular project, he said with a laugh, “A lot! I’m trying to cut back, really. But this is important for our citizens’ safety, and we MVPs are all part of this because we want to give back to our community – we want to help make this a good and safe place to live.”