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This weather outlook is for Saturday September 29th, 2018. 

Summary: Possible rain and thunderstorms Saturday

The latest forecast models are showing a low pressure system entering the region Saturday. The atmosphere will become unstable during the day and thunderstorms are possible (most likely late Saturday afternoon for our area). Rain showers should move into our area mostly after 11pm Saturday.

Rain and thunderstorm activity looks to be concentrated mostly north and south of the Klamath Basin, but there is a chance some isolated thunderstorms could form and move from the south into the local area.

For our area roughly .10 inch or less of rain is expected. It’s not much but we’ll take it. If we do get some of those isolated thunderstorms we may get additional rain.

If we get the amounts of rain the current forecast suggests, it will likely be the most rain in our region since June.

Here’s to hoping our fires will get a little wetting rain around them.

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