The Lakeview District BLM (Lakeview Resource Area) in coordination with the South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership (SCOFMP) will begin prescribed fire operations starting the week of October 9, 2018, weather conditions permitting. The following area will be treated:


  • South Warner Rx – Located 16 miles East of Lakeview in the Big Lake, Round Mountain, and Deep Creek areas. Approximately 2000 acres are expected to be treated. Smoke may be visible from Hwy 140 near Adel.


The prescribed fire activities will:

  • Remove hazardous fuels.

  • Improve firefighter safety during future suppression activities.

  • Improve wildlife habitat in the area and create more resilient sagebrush steppe ecosystem.


For visitor and firefighter safety:

  • Watch for prescribed fire signs in the area

  • Be aware of smoke in the area both during and after ignitions, which may affect visibility on area roads

  • Increased fire personnel and vehicles in the area and additional BLM traffic


For more information, please contact Lakeview District BLM (Fuels) 541-947-6117.