Photos submitted by:

Samantha Mitchell

Amy Ferguson

Brianna Allen

There are numerous photos submitted and available in the comments section of our posts on our Facebook page. Thank you everyone for sharing your photos with us. It’s great to see the fire progress from so many angles. You all did a great job capturing the fire.

Stukel Mountain Fire Details as of 7pm 10-14-18 

  • Fire was dispatched around 3pm to a report of a brush fire that was possibly started by people shooting some sort of specialized targets. (There is no official statement of cause yet)
  • Klamath County Fire District 1 responded from the KCC Open House event and other stations.
  • Oregon Forestry, Keno Fire, Kingsley Fire, and other agencies also responded to assist.
  • About an hour ago the fire was reported to have spread to about 40 acres.
  • Winds have calmed down to around 5mph, with Kingsley Field reporting about 6mph winds at the airport currently.
  • Winds are forecast to stay light tonight and that should help with fire containment.
  • The cause of the fire is under investigation.


As of post time there have been no other updates from official sources. We’ll post more as information becomes available.

Thank you again for all the photos you are sharing. Although we can’t share every one that comes in, we sure appreciate the help from the community.

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