Pumpkin Express Chiloquin, Oregon

Do you want something really fun to do this weekend on Saturday? The “Pumpkin Express” presented by Klamath and Western Rail Road will be running again this Saturday 10am-3pm. The weather should be good with the current forecast of partly cloudy and 67. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt because it’s cool in the shade and there is lots of it.

We visited them last Saturday and had a great time. Here is some basic information that may help your visit if you decide to go.

First off, where exactly is this place?

Drive North on Highway 97 and then toward Crater Lake on Highway 62. A short distance later turn right onto S. Chiloquin Road. (You can also get there from the North by using the same road where it meets 97 near the Pacific Pride station.)

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 2.29.12 PM.png

Parking was tight last weekend, so you will have a better space if you arrive early.

Once you arrive you can either look at static displays of old train cars or you can proceed to the entrance of the train ride line. There are volunteers all through the area who can direct you if you need help. The train line was very long last weekend so expect to wait a while. They run quite a few trains so the line moves forward steadily. (You can take your photo with big foot while you wait).

Near the entrance where you board the train, they serve burgers and drinks. You can purchase a ticket for a small pumpkin for $3 while you are in line. You can select the pumpkin from the patch and bring it back on the train. The railroad also takes donations as they are all volunteer. It is free to ride the train.

Once you board the train, it takes you on about a 5 minute ride through the forest to the pumpkin patch. You will stop and disembark from the train there to explore the patch.

After exploring the pumpkin patch, you board back on another train and travel back to station.  The ride back is about 4-5 more minutes.


Above: Enroute to the pumpkin patch

On the ride back, the train goes through a “haunted” tunnel. It is very well done and lots of fun. The whole ride is kid friendly and they will love it there.

The above video shows a glimpse of the tunnel on the return trip back from the pumpkin patch.


After our adventure there at the Pumpkin Express we decided to try The “TP” in Chiloquin. The TP in Chiloquin  has a reputation for giant burgers. They also have a challenge called the “Moto Moto”. To complete the challenge you have to eat a giant three layer “Hippo” burger, a basket of fries and a 20oz drink in 30 minutes. To try the challenge, you will need to make a down payment of $38.75 when you order. If one person can eat (and drink) it all in 30 minutes, you win the challenge and get a refund.

After looking at photos on their Facebook page, I assumed I’d be able to easily take the challenge and maybe get a free meal.

My mind was quickly changed after arriving at the TP, and seeing the size of the regular “Hippo” burger.


Photo is of their famous Hippo burger

For the Moto Moto challenge, you would have to eat a much larger three layer burger the same size as the Hippo burger pictured above, plus a whole basket of fries and a 20 oz drink in 30 minutes. The burger is MUCH larger than it appears in the photo.



To get to the TP, just make a right turn onto S. Chiloquin road (in front of the train place). Then go all the way to where the road crosses HWY 97. Keep straight and you will see it on the right after the Tribal services building. Be sure and check out the “secret” hidden menu behind the ordering place. We loved the food there and think you will also.

This Saturday is the last opportunity of the year to ride the Pumpkin Express. It’s a great family event that kids will love. And if you get hungry… give the TP a try.