Dear Citizens of Klamath County,

I recently viewed a campaign mailer sent by Klamath Strong, the proponents of the initiative to authorize retail sales of cannabis in Klamath Falls. The mailer uses a statement made by me on the subject of County-wide enforcement of marijuana laws; it is taken out of context and is used to suggest to readers that I support the passage of ballot initiative 18-112.

Neither I, nor the Office of the Klamath County District Attorney has a position on Ballot Initiative 18-112. The voters will decide.

I am the chief law enforcement officer of Klamath County. As such, I uphold the laws as approved by our citizens. Pass or fail, our office will continue to strive to protect and serve the citizens of Klamath County, including the prosecution of illegal marijuana grows County-wide.


Eve Costello

Klamath County District Attorney