camp fire

Did the devastating camp fire get starting from a camp fire? Did the Carr fire in August start from a car?

Fires are sometimes named by the dispatch agencies that send resources to a fire. But often times the first fire fighters on the scene of an incident will name it.

For example our local fire department might respond to an accident on Washburn Way. When they first arrive on scene the first engine or battalion chief will name the incident. In this case it might be “Washburn Command”. Fire scenes are also quickly named so that additional resources can be sent and tracked by incident name.

The Carr fire earlier in August was named from nearby Carr Powerhouse Road according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Camp fire is named from Camp Creek Road. Although it sounds like the fire started from an out of control camp fire, the name is misleading.

The cause of the Camp fire is still under investigation. ABC 30 action news is reporting that PG&E reported having line problems in the area of Paradise during the time the Camp fire started. No official cause is released as the fire is still under investigation.