Klamath Alerts just received this statement about a rape suspect that is in custody and awaiting a trial on December 12th.

On January 6, 2000, Victoria Cravitz was indicted for Rape in the First Degree, for her role in the horrific assault of a child. She and her co-defendant fled the state and eluded arrest for approximately 18 years. In August of 2018 Ms. Cravitz was taken into custody and returned to Klamath County. She is currently held in the Klamath County Jail, with a trial date set for December 12, 2018.

On November 28, 2018, defense counsel for Ms. Cravitz filed a Notice of Intent to Introduce Evidence of Disease or Defect in this case. The Court granted a continuance of the December 12, 2018 trial date to allow the Klamath County District Attorney’s office to have their own expert at the Oregon State Hospital conduct a psychological evaluation of Ms. Cravitz. The results of this evaluation will inform the resolution of this matter.

The District Attorney’s office believes Ms. Cravitz’s commitment is necessary for the protection of public safety.

Below: File booking photo of Cravitz.