The next storm is already just off the Oregon coast and will begin to stir up winds for us late tonight into Sunday. Right now the latest data from the NWS says the winds will not be quite as strong as yesterday’s storm. However, there is uncertainty in this data and it’s possible some areas will see some substantial winds again.

This storm is moving slower than yesterday’s so it’s possible we will see more precipitation. Snow levels are unusually high with this incoming storm at 6 to 7,000 feet. So this will be another wind and rain event for us.

The storms that are lined up over the Pacific are creating very dangerous conditions along the Oregon Coast. If you know if anyone traveling there, please share this info with them. Conditions are right for dangerous sneaker waves that can suddenly wash onto dry areas of the beach and even into parking lots.

From the NWS in Medford:

Update: A high surf advisory with breakers up to 25 feet is in effect through Saturday night, then a high surf warning with breakers over 30 feet goes into effect Sunday and Monday. These waves can sweep people from jetties or other exposed rocks and move logs of any size and create a trapping or crushing hazard to anyone nearby at any time. However, by Sunday, conditions will become extremely dangerous. These waves will be the highest we’ve seen this season by far, and they will be capable of washing over entire beaches and may even run up into adjacent low lying parking lots or roadways. Conditions can change suddenly and catch people off guard. The safest course of action is to stay away from the beach, but if you must venture out, do so only with extreme caution, and never turn your back on the ocean. For more information on area watches and warnings, visit