Hundreds of Consumers Complain to BBB After Being Scammed out of Money

Portland, Oregon – A phony business operating under the name Amelia Cotton Quilt Company and a Salem, Oregon address is scamming consumers across the country this holiday season.

BBB Northwest + Pacific is processing hundreds of complaints from people who say they paid for quilts but have yet to receive them. Most of the complainants’ report purchasing through a Facebook ad that directs them to the website Amelia Cotton Quilt Company is not registered with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office and its business address is a private residence in Salem.

BBB is giving Amelia Cotton Quilt Company an ‘F’ rating and issuing a Scam Alert after it failed to respond to multiple inquiries by investigators and consumers left with one less gift to give this holiday.

“Remember, purchasing with a credit card can give you more protection against fake businesses that don’t deliver,” says Dawn Johnson, Marketplace Manager. “And, always check out retailers at before you shop.”

Amelia Cotton Quilt Company is believed to now be using the website Other names and websites to watch out for are:

Weirdo Stuff Kathleen Quilt Ducha
Emacotton Amelia Quilt Amelia Cotton
Ecrafta EMA Cotton Elsie Quilt
Uscrafta Cotton Blanket Elsie May Quilt
USA Crafta ARA Cotton  
Umovietee Joyce Quilt    










If you are a victim of this scheme, we want to hear about it. File a report at