A nationwide outage at CenturyLink that began yesterday has continued to disrupt phone service across the USA and has also disrupted some 911 communication centers throughout the country.

According to Klamath County emergency management, the outage has affected some northern parts of Klamath County. Except for a few connection issues in the north part of the county, The Klamath County 911 center is up and running as usual.

If you do happen to experience an outage with your landline phone, one alternate method of contacting 911 is to use your cell phone.

According to this article in the Oregonian, Civil Emergency Alerts were sent out in the Portland metro area last night instructing members of the community to use an alternate phone number to reach 911 services.

According to CenturyLink they are making progress in the repairs but are still experiencing outages.

A few national news media organizations have reported 911 outages in areas around the country including Salt Lake City and areas of Seattle. An outage was reported last night in Clark County, Washington as well.

Klamath Alerts will continue to monitor this situation and update if more information becomes available.