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“Christmas Treasure”

    Now that the winter holidays and the mystery and excitement of Christmas gift giving is behind us, it’s time to settle into the New Year and get serious about all those new “resolutions” for which we always have such great intentions.  I heard once that we judge ourselves by our intentions, but we rate others by their actions.  If that’s the case, we always give ourselves high marks, even if we don’t keep those New Year’s resolutions.

    As for the gifts, I find it humorous, preferred and altogether fitting to receive prepper-type gifts for Christmas.  Back in the day when .22 ammo was less expensive, we routinely exchanged bricks of .22 shells for stocking stuffers.  Even so,  it was almost considered ho-hum.  Then during the time when .22 ammo was completely unavailable, it lost the “ho-hum” factor and was highly prized. Although ammo is more readily available now than in the recent past, I don’t believe we had one single box of ammo given as a gift this year in our home.  There was, however, no shortage of paracord, solar collectors, solar-powered lights, multi-tools, knives, LED flashlights and all other kinds of prepper-type stuff.  Even a case of Mountain House freeze-dried food was gifted to one family member.  So, for future reference, if you’re thinking of putting together a kit, find out what item your loved one is missing and fill the need.  Can’t go wrong with prepper gear.

    Now for those New Year’s resolutions, and I can’t find anyone who still makes them anymore, so maybe I’m way out of vogue on this one.  But if you’ve been thinking about building a kit, just in case, now’s your chance.  Start small, but get a tote, cardboard box or a backpack and put in a few things, just in case.  You can park it inside your closet, beside your front door, or even in your car’s trunk.  Get a list of items and one by one, add to your kit.  If you can’t find a list, email me and I’ll send you one.  Just get started.  If you drive one vehicle and your mate drives another, then get two backpacks.  Here’s a hint:  lapolicegear.com sells a really nice 3-day backpack for $42.99.  It makes a great starter kit.  If you’d rather keep things at home, pick up a nice large tote at your local hardware store and fill it with your necessities.  That snap-on lid will keep vermin at bay.  The point is:  Do something!  As time goes on and you accumulate supplies and gear, you’ll thank me.  Not only that, your kit will grow and I predict this time next year, you’ll outgrow your backpack, or you’ll need two totes. And that’s a good thing.

    As always, send your questions, comments, or requests for a list to disasterprep.dave@gmail.com.  You can check my blog for previous columns at www.disasterprepdave.blogspot.com.  Dave Robinson is an author, pastor, and freelance writer.  His book, “Disaster Prep For The Rest Of Us,” is available on Amazon.com, barnesandnoble and other online booksellers.