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Schools in the Henley Complex were closed today (Jan. 10) after a driver lost control of his pickup and it crashed, knocking down a power pole on the east side of Highway 39 near Henley Road.

Henley High School will reopen this afternoon for scheduled after-school activities and sports practices.

Henley Middle School has cancelled today’s after-school activities and practices. All schools will reopen tomorrow (Jan. 11) and operate on regular schedules. The 4 a.m. crash disrupted power to about 100 area residents as well as to all the schools in the complex, which include Henley Elementary, Henley Middle, Henley High, Klamath Transition Program and Falcon Heights. The resulting power outage forced Klamath County School District to close all Henley Complex schools.

As soon as it was notified, the district followed its emergency procedures, contacting parents through its One Call Now system, alerting media outlets and posting the closures on its website and its social media accounts.