Third Graders in Klamath Falls & Klamath County Receive Free, Life-Saving, Swim Lessons

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Ella Redkey Municipal Pool received a grant from Sky Lakes Medical Center to provide funding for the Everyone Swims program for the next three years.

The Everyone Swims program give all third graders from Klamath Fall and Klamath County a week’s with of swim lessons at no cost to student or family. The program includes five, 30-minute swim lessons where students develop skills, build confidence and have fun with their peers in the water.

“A single session of swim lessons can drastically change a child’s outlook on swimming and provide a healthy and happy relationship with the water from an early age,” said Ella Redkey Pool Supervisor Brielle George.

“Drowning is one of the most commons causes of accidental death in children, being able to swim is a life-saving skill,” George continued.

In the past all third grade students who attended school within the Klamath City School District and Klamath County School District were provided lessons. Starting in 2019 the program will expand to include third graders form the following districts and schools:

  • Klamath Falls City School District
  • Klamath County School District
  • Great Basin Homeschool Center
  • Hosanna Christian Academy
  • Triad School

The hard work and determination of the Friends of Ella Redkey and the generosity and support of Sky Lakes made the dream of three more years of Everyone Swims a reality.

“All of us at Sky Lakes are proud of our community and want to invest in its future by partnering with others seeking to help make it healthier,” stated Tom Hottman, spokesman for Sky Lakes Medical Center. “We need to ensure that our children have access to opportunities to be physically active. With this donation, we will help area third-graders learn to swim which we believe will make them more active.”

Learning to swim promotes health and fitness from an early age. Water activity get the heart pumping and builds endurance; it increases strength and flexibility, improves balance and posture. Swimming is also a great stress-reliever, the buoyance of the water offers relaxation and the exercise performed improves overall mood. Swimming is social as well, giving many opportunities to interact, play and exercise with peers. Most importantly, swimming is the only sport that can be potentially life-saving.

Ella Redkey Pool is humbled by the generosity of Sky Lakes Medical Center and thrilled to offer this essential program to all Klamath Falls and Klamath County third graders. All 2019 Swim Lessons will be conducted during the months of April and May.