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An active earthquake swarm has been occurring less than 200 air miles from Klamath Falls in the Petrolia, CA area. The quakes are small and minor but signal active fault movement in the area.

So far we have noticed 14 earthquakes in the recent swarm there in the area around Petrolia south of Eureka, CA. The quake sequence or swarm began on 1-28-19 and there have been four earthquakes there today alone. The most recent quake at time of this post was only about 15 minutes ago.

We previously reported about two earthquakes close together there last month in this Petrolia, CA earthquake post. 

In 1992, there were a series of very large quakes in the same area known as the 1992 Cape Mendocino earthquakes. The Cape Mendocino quakes caused damage in the Petrolia, CA area and a tsunami that reached Alaska.

This area is typically active with small quakes, but we don’t usually see this many quakes in a short amount of time, and it’s something to keep an eye on.

The following graphics show the quakes that have occurred since 1-28-19. The mileage (direct air miles) from Klamath Falls and depth are noted in this list.

Note: this article is for the readers in our audience that are interested and follow earthquake activity. In no way should this article be considered a forecast of additional quakes in the future.