Three Officers Receive Life Saving Medals

Officer Ben Krueger, Officer Thomas Reif and Reserve Sergeant Bobby Langfield were each awarded a Life Saving Medal for their actions that saved the life of a female on January 11, 2019.

The officers responded to the South 6th viaduct after receiving information about a female threatening to commit suicide. The officers arrived on scene and found the female leaning backwards off the viaduct while grasping the outer rail.

Reserve Sergeant Langfield began talking with the female and developed a rapport while other officers developed a plan to prevent her from harming herself. Reserve Sergeant Langfield spoke with her for several minutes while Officer Krueger and Officer Reif moved closer toward her. Officer Krueger and Officer Reif simultaneously grabbed her and quickly pulled her over the rail to the safety of the bridge.

Their plan was well thought out, decisive, and proved to be the best course of action to prevent any harm to the female. Their compassion and exception performance resulted in saving her life.

The decisions and actions of the officers on that night reflect great credit on themselves, their families, and the Klamath Falls Police Department.

Thank you, Officers Krueger, Reif and Langfield! We are extremely proud of you.


~ Press Release From Klamath Falls City Police Department


* Photos by Sean Bassinger and provided by City of Klamath Falls PD