Train Disabled Due To Extreme Weather – Amtrak Cancels Service To Klamath Falls Until Wednesday

Rebekah Dodson who also is an instructor at KCC has reported to Klamath Alerts that she is currently stuck in a disabled Amtrak train near Oakridge. Rebekah said the train is currently parked at a Union Pacific maintenance track just east of Oakridge. Rebekah reports there are at least 15 other people onboard from Klamath Falls.

“It has been snowing for 12 hours straight and I would not advise anyone to travel in this area said Rebekah. “There is at least four feet of snow roadside”. “We have auxiliary power, the bathrooms are working, and we have heat”.

Rebekah said a rescue engine is supposed to be on the way to tow them back to Eugene and they are waiting for that happen now. The train has been disabled since about 8pm last night. Rebekah said the engine was damaged by low hanging branches and sustained severe damage which disabled the engine. Rebekah said she believes she will be stuck in Eugene for at least two days after they are towed. She said Amtrak told her service to Klamath Falls is suspended until at least Wednesday.

We are in touch with Rebekah and she said she would update us if anything changes or when they are rescued.  Klamath Alerts would like to extend a special thanks to Rebekah for providing this photos and story to us.

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