Northern Klamath County Rescues


Over the past several days the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office has responded to several calls from northern Klamath County residents needing assistance due to weather related issues.

On Tuesday the 26th, KCSO deputies and Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers helped evacuate three residents who found themselves trapped 3.5 miles from a plowed roadway. One of them was ill, one was injured trying to snowmobile out for help, and the third was a 97 year old resident who remained in the home until help arrived. The North County Search and Rescue Unit, directed by Sergeant Darren Frank, was able to use a Snow Cat, provided by the US Forest Service years ago, to get all stranded residents to a safe location.

At the time of this release (Thursday afternoon) KCSO deputies and volunteers are attempting to reach two additional residents who are stranded and have requested assistance.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office wishes to encourage any person who finds themselves in danger due to weather related issues to contact the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office at phone# 541-883-5130 or Klamath County Regional Dispatch (911) for assistance.