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Above: A Map From USGS Showing a 2.2 Explosion Quake That Occurred Yesterday Morning Just North Of Klamath Falls Near Highway 97.

Several minor earthquakes have occurred in our local region the past few days. A 2.2 “explosion quake” was recorded just north of Klamath Falls yesterday morning near highway 97. The following are reports on the quakes. The red lines in the images are fault lines.

Please note that these quakes were minor and they do not indicate or forecast additional quake activity in our area. Small earthquakes are common in our region.

More information from USGS about this Klamath Falls earthquake is available here.

A map of recent and nearby activity is available here form the USGS. 

Update: The Klamath Falls quake was caused by an explosion according to this USGS website and was not a result of fault movement. As seen below the quake registered as an earthquake on preliminary reports. The explosion could have been blasting operations occurring in the area.




Above images from esri.