Bonanza woman charged with 1st Deg Manslaughter


Ashley Grace Irwin was arrested upon a secret indictment for the charges of Manslaughter I, due to neglect or maltreatment of a child under 14 years of age. She also faces four counts of Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree for each of her other children who were either caused physical injury or deprived of adequate food, physical care or medical attention. The Klamath Department of Human Services was alerted to this family in April of 2018 when the youngest child, a sick week-old infant, showed at the hospital for apparent cardiac arrest at Sky Lakes Medical Center. The infant was life flighted to Doernbeacher’s Children’s Hospital but passed away despite medical efforts. The Klamath Department of Human Services took the children into protective custody immediately.

The Oregon State Police were alerted and Detective Patrick Irish took this case under his wing with the assistance of Detective Thomas Andreazzi. The Oregon State police talked with witnesses and obtained-necessary medical documentation of the causative nature of the child,s death’ They further collected evidence regarding the treatment of the other children. Ms. Ashley Grace Irwin and her significant other, Douglas Dale Johnston, fled the area almost immediately. Detective Irish’s continued diligent investigation led to the location of Ms. Irwin in Baker City, Oregon and an arrest was made recently. She has been returned to Klamath County to face charges. Oregon state police remain interested in locating the father.

As Klamath County District Attorney I commend Detective Irish’s dedication to this matter. His continued efforts along with those of Detective Andreazzi show admirable dedication to bringing justice for these children.

Press Release from Klamath county District Attorney’s office 4/19/19


  • This woman is a good mother and a great human being. This is about being poor and choosing to live off grid. I saw the children frequently. They were happy healthy rambunctious regular kids. I will fight for her defense as long as I live.

  • How do you explain the injuries and malnourishment. Everytime I saw those children, they were filthy and living in a hellish environment. You can be poor and not be gross. You dont have to live in squalor.

  • Many of the children from this family were given to drug addicts and the entire family has been ripped apart. They have even given a young child to a drug dealer just because he put his name on the birth certificate without requiring a paternity test.

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