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Three students from the Klamath County School District earned entry to the Oregon Invitational Mathematics Tournament during a regional qualifying competition Tuesday at Oregon Tech. The qualifying competition was one of two at Oregon Tech on Tuesday.

Several KCSD students also earned top honors at the Oregon Tech Math Competition. Students were awarded first- through third place in the Oregon Tech competition and top the 12 percent of each division qualified for state during the regional competition.

Max Randolf of Mazama High School qualified for state in calculus; Sawyer Harrington of Henley High School qualified in pre-calculus; and Aaron Martin of Henley High School qualified in Algebra 2.

The state tournament is May 18 at Portland State University. Mazama, Henley and Chiloquin students competed with students from Lakeview, Klamath Union, Hosanna, Eagle Ridge and Triad.

The following KCSD students placed at the Oregon Tech Math Competition:

 Jeane Adams, Mazama High School: First-place, Algebra 1

 Aaron Martin, Henley High School: First-place, Algebra 2

 Sawyer Harrington, Henley High School: First-place, Pre-Calculus

 Braden Lawrie, Henley High School: Second-place, Pre-Calculus

 Elle Larson, Henley High School: Third-place, Pre-Calculus

 Max Randolf, Mazama High, Second-place, Calculus

 Jubal Rasmussen, Henley High School: Third-place, Calculus

Chiloquin students who participated (by subject):

Geometry — Talonne Casison, Chad Maly, Leslie Hernandez, Justin Schock, Magen Hanlon and Dylan Wimmer.

Algebra 2 — Jared Conroy, William Wimmer, Gabriel Cordero, Molly Swedenskey, Jesse Stanton, Aiyana Reyes, Marissa Eberhardt, Kenzie Cheek, Mackenzie Townsend, and Caitlyn Lawrence.

Pre-Calculus: Daniel Jones and Den Herrera

Mazama students who participated (by subject):

Algebra 1 — Jeane Adams, Lisa Lucht, Jhudiel Calacutan, Cody Randolph, Kenna Bernard, and Mariah Alexander. Geometry — Jaxson Sperry, Vance Pigsley, Arianna Atmadinata, Sidalee Jasso, Charles Kaufman, Eric Homer, Colby Anderson, and Peyton Wright.

Algebra 2 — Kayle Garrington, Anthony Dawsoni, Alex Hayden, Jack Willhunt, Shaylee Searcy, Landon Baeth, Benny Lebkowsky, Kayden Kappas, Chase Utley, Raine Wilcox, Macy Clemens, Adrianna Jasso, June Rios, Devon McNair, Sierra Hanson, Zandra McElroy, Kayla Russel, and Erik Hayden.

Calculus — Julia Flocchini, Jake Healy, Jack Boulter, Gordon McCreadie, and Max Randolf.

Henley students who participated (by subject):

Algebra 1 — Bo James, Elijah Rocloffs, and Andrew Edwards.

Pre-Calculus – Braden Lawrie, John Tacchini, Sawyer Harrington, Elle Larson, and Breana Erickson.

Calculus – Colton Pitts, Dazen Bland, and Jubal Rasmussen.

Algebra 2 – Aaron Martin and Gabriel Preston

Chiloquin math team

Above: Chiloquin Math Team

Mazama math team

Above: Mazama Math Team

Henley math team 1

Above: Henley Math Team