Update From Medford P.D.

The Medford Police Department has learned from Montana authorities that a deceased two year old, believed to be Aiden Salcido, has been located in a remote area of Montana.  Positive identification has not been made, however the decedent was located in the same area that Hannah Janiak and Daniel Salcido were seen by several witnesses days earlier. 

Witnesses called in tips after seeing the story break on the news and were instrumental in helping to locate a remote camp believed to have been occupied by Janiak and Salcido.  The cause and manner of death will not be disclosed until an autopsy can be conducted next week in Montana. 

The Medford Police Department would like to express condolences to our local families of those involved and we appreciate the cooperation that we received.  The Medford Police Department would also like to express gratitude to our local media for quickly disseminating this story in an effort to locate Aiden.  Detectives from our agency will be returning to Medford and authorities in Montana will continue to lead the investigation.

The updated tip line is 541-774-2250.