The incident was reported just after 11:00am this morning.

An Amtrak train is stopped near Odell Lake after a suicidal male was reported to have taken the passengers hostage in one of the cars or made threats to harm them.  He has threatened to harm the passengers and himself. It’s unknown if he has any weapons or access to them.

There is a major police response from the region. Details are limited and we are monitoring the situation. Updates to follow as we get them.


Klamath County Law Enforcement has one suspect in custody. A command post was setup in the area earlier. No reports of injuries at this time that we are aware of.

The train was being evacuated at time of this post. We believe the situation is now under control. This train was northbound with Eugene being the next stop and passed through Klamath Falls earlier.

Details are still vague and we don’t know exactly how the passengers were held, how many were held or if there were any weapons.

**Note: This article contains (reported) but unconfirmed early information that could be revised when an official press release is obtained.

Above: map showing the train location

Above: Train details