Note: This Post applies to our breaking news app subscribers only.

Since yesterday, Our partner Mighty Networks has experienced an outage on the Android version of our breaking news app.

We expect a fix soon, but in the meantime you can access all of our content on a desktop computer or a web browser on your phone. The link to login is listed below.

Apple users can add a home screen bookmark for the link below using Safari. Android users can also add a home screen bookmark using your favorite mobile browser for easy access.

The latest information on the outage that we have is below. We will update this post with additional information as we get it.

Klamath Alerts apologizes for the extra steps to see our exclusive content and we hope this will be resolved soon.

Latest Update:

8-8-19 5:30pm Update On App Technical Issues:

Mighty Networks has reported that they think they have identified the issue causing the app to not function properly when content is clicked on. The problem is on the Android side of the app.

The software is being updated via a new Android update that is expected by Friday. In the meantime Android users can access all app content on a desktop computer, or by using a web browser on your phone and logging into your account.

We are sorry for the hassle on this. We’ll stay on them to get everyone up and running as soon as possible.

The link for your browser is (you can add a bookmark to your home screen for easy access) just login to your account and you will have full access to all content during the outage.