Note: Today Klamath Alerts received some reports from the Chiloquin area that scammers have continued with the IRS scam phone calls. They are using masked numbers that appear to either be local or using the (541) area code. Please be aware and share this information with those who might not use email or internet services. – Thanks to Nancy B. for the report. 

Klamath County Sheriff Received Fraudulent Checks In Mail

Please be aware of check scam!    

On Friday 09/06/19, the Klamath County Sheriff received two suspicious checks at his office delivered through the United States Postal Service and issued for large monetary amounts. The checks claimed to have been a settlement from a class action suit involving the, “Premier Protein Shake Settlement Program.” The checks indicate they were issued from the Esquire Bank, New York, NY.

Everything about the checks looked suspicious.  The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office wants citizens to know there is apparently a valid nationwide settlement involving Premier Protein Shake. A call to Esquire Bank revealed there are fraudulent checks being mailed out as well – that is if the Sheriff’s Office was actually talking to a person from the bank. The Sheriff’s Office is having difficulty trusting information received during the call due to confirmation not being provided as promised by the time of this release.

The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office wishes to remind everyone to be vigilant when receiving unsolicited mail which at first glance appears to be a windfall. If scammers (also known as thieves) will send fraudulent checks to the Sheriff’s Office, they’ll send them to you too.